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Our Program

Located at the northwest corner of Howard Park in Wilmette, The Warming House Youth Center is a non-profit agency that is open to 6th through 12th grade teens six days per week. The Warming House provides a welcoming environment to all teens.

Structured programs are offered daily and include: cooking/baking, cultural humility, volunteering, creative arts, health discussion groups, youth leadership board, academics, community service, mental health check-ins and recreation.

Photo of group bowling.

Our Mission

To develop a supportive, fun, and welcoming environment where teens’ feelings are validated and acknowledged. We engage alongside teens to help them develop the resilience and self-awareness needed to face the challenges of adolescence and beyond.

Our Vision

For every teen to find a space where they are valued as capable, empowered, and thoughtful community members and can find a peer support system outside of school.

Our Staff

The Warming House Youth Center is overseen by a full-time Drop-In Manager, with skilled staff including volunteers, interns, and part-time paid youth workers. These staff are either pursuing or have already obtained undergraduate or graduate degrees in Social Work or Psychology.

Our Youth Leadership Board

The Warming House’s Youth Leadership Board is a platform where 6th-12th graders work together as a governing body of the Center to plan programs, assist with fundraisers, recruit teens to the Center, and spread community awareness. Teens build leadership skills, engage in team building, and help guide the vision of the Warming House.
Our Member Benefits
  • Development and enhancement of leadership skills
  • Monthly volunteer opportunities
  • Recognition of membership on Warming House website
  • Giving back to the community and being part of the next generation of Warming House leadership
  • Resume builder for college applications
Our Expectations
  • Attend monthly Youth Leadership Board meetings
  • Promote and attend annual Board fundraising events
  • Participate in 6 (or more) volunteer activities annually
  • Co-facilitate 1 program annually
  • Promote and attend all Youth Leadership Board fundraisers
  • Assist in outreach efforts to local schools

How to Find Us


Address: 800 Ridge Rd. Wilmette, Illionois. Map Apps will lead you to the parking lot for Howard Park.

We are located in a green park district building in the northwest corner of Howard Park, next to the baseball field.

Public Transportation: Our Center can be accessed via Pace Bus #422 (Lake & Ridge stop)

Phone: 847-251-6630

Mailing Address: 1189 Wilmette Ave, #152, Wilmette, IL  60091

Help Support The Warming House Youth Center

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Dear Friends of the Warming House,

We really need your help!

The Warming House relies significantly on community support and over its forty-four years the local support has been generous and consistent. Over $100,000 has to be raised every year to meet our operating budget. Without your generosity we cannot continue to offer outstanding programs and support to our area teens.

The Warming House is extraordinary and unique in what we do for local teens. Not only is it a safe, comfortable, and supervised place to hang out, but it is a place that provides myriad opportunities for teen leadership development, cultural events, avenues for community service, a place to study and learn with friends, and much more…

And, all these activities are supervised by experienced, professional social workers who can help teens think and talk through issues that they might have trouble talking to friends and parents about. The Warming House has been in existence since the early 1970’s because it is truly a treasure, and one that has favorably influenced so many young teens’ lives in our community. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“The most special thing about the Warming House is that you can ask the staff ANY question you want…. and they’re there to help you work toward your own answer.”

“To me the Warming House is more than a place to just hang out; it’s a place to socialize with old friends and meet new people I otherwise would not have known or talked to.”

“Over the last 3 years, the Warming House has been one of my favorite places to hang out with friends and to spend my free time.”

“The Warming House is much more than just a place to play video games; I met new friends and joined Youth Board. Through Youth Board, I’m getting experience with planning and making decisions.”

“All in all, my experience at the Warming House has been really fun, and makes a big difference in my life outside of school.”

Please consider a donation, using PayPal or by sending a check to Warming House at 1189 Wilmette Ave #152, Wilmette, IL 60091.

Thank you very much!

Emily Schnell, LCSW Amy Koplow, LCSW

Executive Director Board President

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Ways to Support Us

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are charitable contributions that provide an opportunity for donors to honor their family and friends on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries and graduations) or during significant life events (the birth of a child, graduations, professional achievements, honors and awards). Honorees are notified of the tribute with a personalized card including the name and address of the donor. Your Tribute Gift will be recognized on our Friends Honor Roll of Donors which is published on our website and in our annual newsletter.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are charitable contributions that provide a way of memorializing your loved one. Gifts may be made in memory of a family member or friend. The family of the deceased will receive a personalized card including the name and address of the donor. Your Memorial Gift will be recognized on our Friends Honor Roll of Donors which is published on our website and in our annual newsletter.

Wish List

We are in need of the following items:

  • New or gently used computers
  • Video Games
  • Video Game Systems
  • Movies
  • Stereo Equipment


Volunteers are involved in many aspects of running the Warming House. Contact us to find out how to get involved!

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