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Community Support

Haven assists many different schools and organizations in our community.  Our clinicians connect with youth, parents, and other providers in the area to develop workshops individualized to meet the unique needs of each school, organization, or group. Wondering how Haven can help your school or organization? Curious about the types of workshops we offer?  Learn more here!

Workshop Descriptions
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Stress and Anxiety

Identify warning signs for when stress and worry grows to anxiety and needs additional intervention. Learn strategies to manage anxiety

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Strategies for Hybrid and E-Learning

Staying motivated and present while working/schooling digitally takes strategy and intentionality.  Learn different techniques to engage yourself so you can make the most of digital schooling. 

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Digital Citizenship

Social media is an ever-changing tool for us to connect with the world.  Misused, social media can also be detrimental to our well-being.  This workshop promotes discussion on how to best communicate digitally, distinguishing between our “offline” and “online” selves and guidance about overuse and dangers.

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One out of every eight teens will be diagnosed with clinical depression, which means that most teens know someone who is struggling with this very treatable illness. Through this workshop, students will learn the signs and symptoms of depression, how stigma plays a role with depression, and what to do once depressive symptoms have been identified.

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Take a break to go through a mindfulness or body scan exercise and discuss the benefits of these practices. 

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College 101

Preparing for college is about more than connecting with your roommate and learning your way around the campus.  Our College 101 workshop can be tailored to fit the needs of the class, with possible topics including harm-reduction with substance use, dating safety/consent, life skills, self-advocacy and how to find on-campus mental health resources.

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Healthy Relationships

Adolescence is a time when we are developing ideas about what makes a relationship a healthy one.  This workshop includes discussion about stages of romantic relationships, education on conflict resolution skills and maintaining a sense of self in relationships.

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Yoga and Meditation

The earliest practitioners of yoga did not practice the physical postures that correlate with modern-day yoga.  They learned that controlled breathwork helped to ease central nervous system distress.  In this workshop, students learn how mindful breathing and simple yoga postures can help us to reduce stress.

Don't see what you were hoping to? Contact Te'Ericka, Haven's Outreach Coordinator, to develop your own unique program.